Friday, September 24, 2010

A Great Start

The start of the school year has been a good one.  Our students, along with faculty and staff, quickly settled in to a productive routine with positive things happening in all classrooms.  

Despite a few days of oppressive heat, our students did not complain, but made the best of a somewhat uncomfortable learning environment.  Teachers throughout the building consistently expressed that students remained positive and cooperative.  When things like this happen, we can only be successful in our efforts to address the needs of all students.

Our decision to add an additional lunch period has been well received.  The cafeteria is less crowded and the students have a longer time to relax and enjoy the lunch break. Thanks to our food service department members for helping us to make this a smooth transition. 

The Parental Access Support System (PASS) is fully operational.  Letters with the required student identification numbers have been sent home.  The first progress reports will be posted by Friday, October 1, 2010.  With the assistance of the Brunswick School Department Technology Systems Department we are hopeful that the system will function more efficiently this year and that our teachers will be expanding the information available.  Please contact teachers involved with your student if you need additional information.

As we head into our Homecoming Week we are excited about the spirit of cooperation and commitment demonstrated by all.  This positive environment can only enhance the learning opportunities that are provided to all students.

Thanks for your assistance and continued support.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that we are the only school not having a "Homecoming Dance". I understand the reasoning behind it, however as a chaperone in the past, I believe there are ways to keep up this tradition. It doesn't seem fair to those who follow the rules, which I am sure is a majority of the students.